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The product is used to heat cylinder before starting diesel engine, then cylinder temperature is in appropriate starting condition. When cylinder temperature can’t meet starting requirements, the unit can make automatic heating for internal circulation freshwater. It rises the temperature of diesel engine internal circulation freshwater. The-n cylinder temperature rise and extend service life.   It has redundancy of the two stage temperature overload protection function, the first level temperature sensor, the second level temperature switch. Then ensure products safety and reliability.  It adopts multi-group heating core PID temperature control and close heating core step by step. Then reduce thermal impulse effectively. It can ensure medium temperature with accurate control, reduce impact on electricity grid. The product has already used in a number of ships. It is stable and reliable.  The unit adopts modular design. It is easy to install and commission. Obtain GL recognition for welding process and ensure welding quality.
Technical Parameter
Voltage Frequency                                       Frequency                                       Medium                                           Heating Type                                                 Heating Power                                         Pump Power                                               Pump Quantity                                                 Protection Level of Electric Cabinet                 Protection Level of Pump                                 Insulation Level of Pump                                
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AC 380V/440V 50Hz 60Hz Freshwater Electrical/Steam/Oil 6~120KW It an be customized Single/Double IP44 IP54 F
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