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In order to develop marine power distribution capacity, ABB visited and examined the domestic factories with relevant qualification. In April, 2017, our company has passed the ABB Licence examination and obtained the ABB brand licensing and patent licensing. ABB present following four aspects for licensees to ensure the related power distribution products can reach the international quality requirements of the ABB products.
Technical support: ABB provides training and technical guidance for design, installation, process and commissioning.
Quality inspection: ABB carries out quality control and testing, to satisfy the international standards and award ABB brand identity.
After-sales service: ABB vessel global business services network center provides global after-sales service.
Production assistant: ABB provides components and panel type, and assign technical personnel for field supervision, to meet the ABB quality system.
MD190-M Product Profile
MD190-M combination low-voltage switchgear cabinet (hereinafter referred to as MD190 - M) for marine is a kind of low-voltage switchgear cabinet designed for marine and offshore engineering by ABB based on the concept of modulized combination low-voltage switchgear cabinet. The technical standards conform to the international standards IEC60092, AS3439-1, BS5486-1, EN60439-1 and IEC60439-1, the, and the Chinese standards, GB/T11634-2000 and GB7251-1.  I also satisfy the specification requirements of the classification society of CCS, LRS, ABS, DNV, BV, GL and NK.
Frame Structure
The frame system of MD190-M takes the 190(mm) as a standard module (1U), and also takes the external frame and internal frame as the basic structure, which improve the strength of the switchgear. The enclosure protection grade of the MD190-M is IP31 or IP32, also can satisfy IP54 as request. On the front, the door panel can be openned from right and left, the door panel is equipped with waterproof rubber sealing strip and grounding screw. On the back, the door closure or door panel can be used, both with waterproof rubber sealing strip and cooling vents. Insulation armrest can be installed on the front and back, and lighting lamp can be mounted on the top of cabinet front side (if necessary, the lighting lamp can be mounted on the top of cabinet back side).
Product Features
ABB full series of low-voltage electrical components are used, including Emax air circuit breaker, Tmax series molded case circuit breaker, A contactor, TA series thermal relay, PST \ PSTB soft starter, PLC programmable controller and frequency converter, which consist of a complete and reliable low-voltage distribution system.
The cabinet body is made of high strength profiles and connected by bolts, which increase the stability of the switch cabinet structure.
The width, depth and height of the modular cabinet framework can be varied according to the design plan.
Arrangement compact, space and cost saving.
The fixed cellular type and draw-out unit components can be combined freely, make the cabinet universal, assembly flexible and adaptability strong.
The switchgear cabinet provides different IP grade and internal isolation type, and can be chosed as customers' special requirements.
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