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Summer heatstroke prevention and cooling

In the hot summer, the heat is unbearable. With after a few days’ plum rain weather, the temperature continues to rise. While emphasizing the safety of production in plum rain season, the company seriously organized and carried out the work of heatstroke prevention and cooling.

In the face of the current continuous high temperature weather, the company took timely response measures, and seriously did a good job in the heatstroke prevention and cooling of personnel and equipment. The canteen also prepared mung bean soup, barley tea, etc., and required the front-line personnel to carry Rendan and essential balm with them in case of illness.

The company's doormen reserve sufficient salt, soda and heatstroke prevention drugs to ensure the emergency use of employees, ensure the health of employees, and minimize the occupational hazards caused by high temperature heatstroke. In addition, we should supplement water in time and drink less drinks. Juice, cola, Sprite and other drinks contain more saccharin and electrolytes. If you drink too much, it will cause adverse stimulation to gastrointestinal tract and affect digestion and appetite.

Whether it is premonitory heatstroke, mild heatstroke or heat spasm, heat failure, heat stroke, the first thing is to immediately leave the high temperature environment, and have a quiet rest in a cool place (guard room). If the condition is mild, you can supplement cool and salty drinks, which can generally recover. In severe cases, a large amount of intravenous infusion should be given, and then some cooling measures should be applied to lower the body temperature as soon as possible, and then symptomatic support treatment should be provided.

A box of essential oils, a bowl of mung bean soup, a bottle of salt soda, a warm word..., All of these fully reflect the company's leaders' meticulous consideration and care for the front-line staff.