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Hybrid propulsion control system successfully delivered

The hybrid propulsion control system provided by our company for Wuxi Silent Electric System (SES) Technology Co., Ltd. of China Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. has been successfully delivered. The propulsion system supports multiple operation modes of main engine / PTO / PTH, and meets the working condition requirements of fishing vessels in different working environments. The special fishing boat carries out fishing operations during the fishing period while conducts the prevention and control of jellyfish in Beidaihe River during the closed fishing period.



The propulsion control system organically combines the three energy sources of diesel main engine/generator set/battery. According to different working conditions and different demands, the three energy forms are efficiently switched, and it supports multiple operation modes of main engine/PTO/PTH:

Main engine propulsion mode: conventional power meets long-distance sailing conditions, and the generator set provides power for the entire ship.

PTO mode: During normal sailing, shaft belt power generation is performed to provide power for the entire ship and can also charge the battery; when starting the network, all the power is output to the winch for starting the network.

PTH mode: pure electric propulsion mode, which not only meets the requirements of silent and noise reduction under special working conditions of fishing boats, but also eliminates the ultra-low load rate, high fuel consumption and high emissions of diesel engines at low speeds.