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It is used to connect fuel injection pump and injector. Realize safe transportation of diesel engine high-pressure fuel.Avoid leakage and turbulence phenomenon. Ensure that diesel engine can operate with high efficiency and security. Each high-pressure pipeline pass 180mpa pressure-tightness test Fuel leakage monitoring hole, it can ensure to alarm when fuel leak Provide some marine products certification, such as GL、DNV、LR、ABS 、BV、CCS
Fuel injector pressure experiment tool
Fuel injector high pressure test board
Material                                    D-SF690/SF70 Test Pressure                           180MPa Hardness                                 HRC18-28 Tensile Strength                       70~80kg/m㎡ Yield Strength                          ≥35kg/m㎡ Extensibility                             ≥16% Shrinkage Rate                        ≥35% Impact Value                           ≥4.1 kg/m㎡
Technical Parameter
Technology Innovation
SECORP signed DK-20 fuel injector technical agreement with Anqing CSSC Diesel Engine Co. Ltd in Dec.16, 2009. With the convincing argument of company technical personnel. Adopted electrochemical etching method to make deep hole inte-rsection of deburring, radiusing machining process. Skillfully solve processing technology problem. There is no any change of parts material and various capability. Have great innovation and novelty. And apply for national patent to be protected.
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