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Self-Cleaning Automatic Filter use self fluid to drive hydraulic motor for the continuous backwashing process.The liquid of backwash will be sent to sump oil tank or oil pan. It is used in medium-high speed diesel engine, SAE30&40 lubricant. (inside to outside filtration)The fluid enters from inlet flange(A) to filter core(C) The filtered fluid go through the collection chamber (D), then is discharged from the outlet flange (B). Filter element (C) is in the process of filtering fuel, the backwash hole of hydraulic motor (E)driving
Product Description
FilteringType                   Continuous                Accuracy                  10 ~ 45μm Supply                            Hydraulic                  Flow                         15 -102m³/h Size                               DN50/DN80               Nominal                    Max90 ℃ Weight                            60 ~ 120kg               Shell Material            GraphiteCastIron NominalPressure             0.2 ~ 1MPa               Volume                     12 ~ 27L SealMaterial                   Fluororubber
Technical Parameter
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The operation and control of self-cleaning backwashing filter can achieve  automatic backwashing filtration and automatic discharging and not need any external energy. During backwashing, the flow continue.   The cleanning and filtration  cycle can be adjusted. It is applicable for any type of diesel engine and can be mounted at any location and any direction vertically, horizontally, and inversely.

Greatly improve lube oil quality of moving parts, then improve equipment reliability and extend service life, reduce maintenance activities.

eleminate error that human factors cause it. The filter can work 8000 hours without human intervention on the standard operation conditions.

Filter core can reuse, cut operation cost in the given time.

Small volume, light weight, simple structure, convenient maintenance. (Without using special tools)

Differential pressure detection , it will alarm if filter is blocked.

Low operation cost, no external power supply. Backwash is realized by filter fluid of flo energy. In case of emergency, worker can make manual cleaning.

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