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Product description

Product description:

The sensors are installed in the contact blocks which can satisfy the measurement requirement of all kinds of flat surface. The contact block can be mounted on the surface of vessel by threaded or welded connection. In addition, the users can use the binding tape to fix different types for some pipes.

The cables have a wide selection of insulation materials, which can meet the application requirement of specific environmental conditions. The cable ends are prefabricated, so the cable can be connected directly, the customers also can choose plugs as required or connect the cable to the site shell.

The maximum working temperature of these thermometers can be influenced by various parameters. If the temperature under the scope to be measured is higher than the allowable temperature of connecting cables, plugs or transition points, the metal parts (mineral insulated cables) of the sensors must be long enough to make the key parts out of the high temperature area. It must be in conformity with the lower limit of the highest working temperature of the foresaid connecting cables, plugs or transition points.

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